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Outreach @ HCC - Workshop on Basics of Robotics

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5 September, 2019


Holy Cross College, Dhaka

Number of Participants

 52 (13 groups, 4 members each group)


Satyaki Banik, Mumtahina Islam Sukanya, Sakib Chowdhury, Nayeeb Rashid, Mir Sayeed Mohammad


IEEE BUET Student Branch and IEEE WIE BUET Branch Affinity Group arranged a workshop on “Basics of Robotics” in association with Holy Cross College Science Club at Holy Cross College, Dhaka, on September 5, 2019. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce college students to the world of electronic devices and the basics of robotics. With much enthusiasm, 13 teams consisting of 52 enthusiastic students participated in the event. This event was a part of the outreach programs that are arranged regularly at pre-university educational institutions.


This workshop was conducted by the following executive committee members of IEEE BUET Student Branch and IEEE BUET WIE Affinity Group. Satyaki Banik, Chairperson; Nayeeb Rashid, Vice Chairperson (Membership); Sadman Sakib, Design Executive; Mohammad Ali Kazmi, Photography Executive from IEEE BUET Student Branch and Mumtahina Islam Sukanya, Vice Chairperson (Activity) and Sadiah Ahmed Moon, Assistant General Secretary from IEEE WIE BUET SB Affinity Group. 


The workshop started with the fundamentals of Arduino and its benefits in utilizing electronic sensors through construction of basic circuits. The participants were introduced to the basic circuit designing using Arduino Uno and operation of LED, Buzzer, Push Counter, Sonar, LDR and a few other sensors. They were also introduced to small projects using these basic electronic devices and inspired to implement this knowledge in their upcoming science fair. The participants did really well throughout the entire workshop in understanding and co-operating with the instructors. By the end of the workshop, we had a handful of enthusiastic potential mindsets with fresh knowledge about the basic concept of robotics. 


Basically, this workshop was a part of the outreach program of IEEE BUET SB to pre-university institutions, such-as schools and colleges. A token of appreciation was provided to the instructors by the Holy Cross College authority after the end of the session. Special thanks goes to the Holy Cross College Science Club for being so cooperative and for providing a friendly environment to make this workshop successful.