A webinar on “Engineering Management”

BSADD and IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter arranged a webinar titled “Engineering Management”. The purpose of this webinar was to introduce young computer science engineers to the field of management.

Event Name: Engineering Management

Date: 3 July, 2020

Time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM (GMT+6)

Venue:  Live Broadcast (Youtube), Live Broadcast (Facebook)

Number of Participants: approx 7500 (reach of the live broadcast on Facebook)

Organised by:  

  • Buet System Analysis, Design and Development Community (BSADD)
  • IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter


  • Minaoar Hossain Tanzil, Managing Director at Kona Software Lab Limited
  •  Imran Hasan Hira, Senior Software Engineer, Booking.com

The webinar started at 9:00 pm, with Imran Hasan Hira, Senior Software Engineer: Booking.com introducing the speaker. Minaoar Hossain Tanzil graduated from CSE, BUET in 2007.After his graduation, he joined CodeCrafters International Limited and worked for almost 4 years as a software engineer at first, and as a lead software engineer later. After achieving MBA from IBA,DU in 2010, he joined SSD-Tech in 2011. There he worked as a senior engineering manager and later as the head of financial solutions and IT services. After that, in 2013, Mr. Tanzil joined Kona Software Lab Limited. He has worked as an R&D manager, a CIO, and a deputy managing director in that software firm. From 2017 onward, Mr. Tanzil has been the Managing Director of this firm and has been leading the company to greater heights every day with his experience and skill. As an expert in both the engineering sector and the management sector,  he was able to give valuable advice to the young computer science engineers throughout the session.

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