System Design Talk (Episode 06)

Date: 22 August 2020

Time: 09:00 PM – 10:50 PM (GMT+6)

Venue: Live Broadcast (Youtube), Live Broadcast (Facebook)

Number of Participants: Approximately 4000 (reached  through Facebook and YouTube live)

Organized by: BUET System Analysis, Design and Development Community (BSADD) IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter

Speaker: Shahad Ishraq, Software Engineer, Motorola Solutions.

Hosts: Md Imran Hasan Hira, Senior Software Engineer,

BSADD and IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter arranged a webinar series titled “System Design Talk”. This webinar series was to introduce young computer science students to various aspects of small and large scale system design and databases. 

The relevant event was the sixth of this series which was mainly a continuation of the fifth episode as the speakers could not answer all the questions before. Therefore, in this episode the speakers again talked about database decisions in scale and various pros and cons of different database systems.

The webinar started at 9:00 pm, with our host Md Imran Hasan Hira introducing the guest speaker Shahad Ishraq. Shahad Ishraq completed his BSc in CSE from BUET in 2018. After his university graduation, he worked as a Software Engineer at NewsCred. Currently, he is working as a Software Engineer at Motorola Solutions.

Md Imran Hasan Hira completed his bachelor’s in CSE from BUET in 2013. He currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Before joining he worked as a Team Lead at Kona Software Lab Ltd. As a student, he participated in several System Design and Development Contest and showed excellent performances.

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