Women In Tech (Episode 10)

Date: 30 August, 2020

Time: 10:00 PM – 11:30 PM (GMT+6)

Venue: Live Broadcast (Youtube), Live Broadcast (Facebook)

Number of Participants: Approximately 2800 (reached  through Facebook and YouTube live)

Organized by: BUET System Analysis, Design and Development Community (BSADD)   IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter

Speaker: Fahmida Ferdousi, Founding member, JANESYS, LLC

Sadia Afroz Sheetal, Staff Scientist at ICSI and Avast Software

Hosts: Arpita Saha and Muntaka Ibnath

BSADD and IEEE Computer Society BUET Student Branch Chapter arranged a webinar series titled “Women In Tech”. This webinar series was to introduce young computer science students especially women with various academic and industrial aspects of technology and CS. The relevant event is the tenth episode of the series. 

The webinar started at 10:00 pm, with our hosts introducing the speakers: Fahmida Ferdousi and Sadia Afroz Sheetal. Fahmida Ferdousi is a semiconductor professional having worked for Intel Corp. for about 9 years. She is also a founding member of JANESYS, LLC which created the first Bangla audiobook and podcast app, Shuni. She graduated from the department of EEE, BUET in 2004, ranking first in her graduating class. After graduation, she served as a lecturer in the same department for 2 years. She received her Ph.D. in Solid-state electronics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. Her expertise lies in CMOS device physics, process integration, data analysis, and test vehicle design in research as well as high volume manufacturing environment. For her work, she received the Intel achievement award which is the highest honor for technical accomplishment at Intel Corp. Dr. Fahmida is also a brain injury survivor and passionate about minority rights.

Sadia Afroz Sheetal is currently a Staff Scientist at ICSI (International Computer Science Institute) and a staff scientist at Avast Software. Her work focuses on anti-censorship, anonymity, and adversarial learning. Her work on adversarial authorship attribution received the 2013 Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) award, the best student paper award at the 2012 Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium (PETS), and the 2014 ACM SIGSAC dissertation award (runner-up). More about her research can be found at http://www1.icsi.berkeley.edu/~sadia/

Before joining her current role, she worked as a postdoc for the University of California, Berkeley for two years. She graduated from the department of CSE, BUET in 2007 and got her Ph.D. in computer science from Drexel University in 2013.

In this episode, we discussed post graduate admissions, Ph.D. life, handling stress, work-life balance, barriers faced by differently-abled engineers in the workplace, etc. 

Live stream link: Women In Tech: Episode 10